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Who we are?

Flite of Phoenix will be making you a collector of experience and destinations.
Our global team is dedicated to bring the most passionate offerings and improving customer experiences by continual innovative travel programs.

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Mission & Values

Our Mission is to be an independent bespoke travelers organization by creating delighted customers.
Our Vision to become the most Innovative , Trusted Adventure & Destination entity for travelers by providing world class euphoric services.

Our Values

W -elcomes your desire to travel and rove about.

A -ccepts & convert most complex requirement to travel happiness.

N -ever give up to bring the best to you

D -ream is converted to a real life journey

E -mbrace the unknown and inspire fearless travel innovation

R -"esfeber" creation, when anxiety & anticipation are together; a "travel fever" is created that can manifest as an illness to travel

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We have experience staff knowing the nuances of the airline industry International network of world’s Leading tour operators, car rentals, cruises & adventure operators. International network of leading Hotel chains. We accept credit card & other e-payment options. Which makes us unique & ensures that you have a hassle free vacation.