Adventure & Sports Tours

Are you an Adventurous Person or sports Fanatic following your favorite club across the world, if you are then fliteofphoenix team shall be delighted in supporting you to fulfill your thirst for adventure & sports we offer following services.

The stereotype image of India such as the land of snake charmers and trumpeting elephants are now things of past. Far from being mostly a historical and cultural tourist destination for a long time, India has now emerged as an important travel destination for discerning adventure sports enthusiasts in recent years.

India is arguably the only country in the world, which offers such a sheer variety of adventure opportunities.

And surely enough, this diversity is utterly amazing - from heli-skiing and rock climbing in the mighty Himalayas to river-rafting in the white waters of the raging Ganga, Teesta or Indus; from ballooning and hang-gliding over the great Indian plains to an exotic encounter with the camel-safaris in the vast expanse of the Thar desert of Rajasthan; from tracking the legendary Royal Bengal Tiger on the backs of elephants to trekking in the Himalayan ranges - the options are endless.

Some of the most popular adventure sport activities are listed below:

⇨  Angling and Fishing
⇨  Cycling and Motor Biking in Himalayas
⇨  Camel Safari
⇨  Gliding
⇨  Mountaineering
⇨  Rafting
⇨  Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
⇨  Skiing
⇨   Trekking
⇨  Wildlife Safari